Brass meets Hip Hop: An Interview with King Porter Stomp

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Interview with Wild Boar and Bull Brass Band

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Meet The Team

Phil Hanson

All In Good Time



James Stretton 2012

Interview with Jim Stretton

We caught up with multi instrumentalist James Stretton recently for a chat about his unique approach to music making, here’s what he had to say to us ———————————— Hi Jim, thanks for taking time to speak with us. Can you start by telling us how many instruments you play? I play brass, some piano and [...]

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Cruise & Craft – part 1

I miss the noisy, cramped, slightly damp college practice rooms. My mind wistfully recalls the din of horn players attempting Siegfried’s motif mixing with Clarke studies. Those were the days. Now I find myself in a stage locker. The room is full of all the tools needed for a wide variety of entertainment: costumes, lights, [...]

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Blue Mitchell

Blue Mitchell – an unlikely Jazz Trumpet hero

Richard Allen (Blue) Mitchell, Born March 13, 1930 Miami, Florida, United States, died May 21, 1979 Los Angeles, California. Known as Blue Mitchell, this top class trumpet player is less than a household name, with all due respect. This, despite the illustrious company he kept during his career is unfortunate as he was one of the class musicians of his era, [...]

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KPS Brassband1

Brass meets Hip Hop: An Interview with King Porter Stomp

For seven years, a band called King Porter Stomp has been bending genres, creating a new and interesting groove with every track they release. Their new single “Pocketfulofrocketfuel” is a great demonstration of brass playing for modern genres. As stated in their press release, the band “teamed up with world renowned producer DJ Vadim, MC [...]

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Brass in the 21st Century – Old Dirty Brasstards – Good Luck

Friends of the site Old Dirty Brasstards sent us this tweet as their contribution to the ongoing and increasingly popular theme of user generated content showing what Brass music in the 21st Century means to you. Just use the twitter hash tag: #DirtyBrass @21CBrass brass in the 21st century, Try our soundcloud page. Hope you [...]

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